2019 Kitchen Design Trends Set to Inspire Your Fountain Hills Desert Home


The desert provides incredible inspiration for home design ideas, especially in the kitchen. If your Fountain Hills kitchen is due for an update some of the design trends anticipated for 2019 could be just what you’re looking for. Many of today’s designers and architects have embraced design concepts which readily highlight the natural beauty one can find in the desert. 

Keep it light, keep it natural. A light, airy kitchen will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere encouraging family and visitors to enjoy what’s often the busiest room in a house. This doesn’t’ mean you need to have an all-white kitchen. Instead use natural materials and lighter color tones throughout.

Quartz countertops are still on the rise in popular use for kitchens. This sturdy material is not only durable but comes in a variety of colors including lighter shades. If your cabinets and drawers are in need of an overhaul, consider opting for a light or medium-tone wood which can tie in with the colors of the desert outside.

Speaking of outside, the more light you can let in, the more open and spacious your kitchen will feel. Large, picture-frame style windows are an excellent choice as they will not only let in more light but also highlight the spectacular desert view of your property and beyond. 

If you couple large windows with a shade of paint similar to your desert surroundings outside, you can mimic the natural setting within and create the illusion of a seamless architecture, incorporating interior and exterior spaces together. 

Small details can have a big impact, especially in the kitchen. Alongside your lighter-toned cabinets, contrasting handles and drawer pulls are an excellent way to draw in the eye and make a statement without overwhelming the room. Matte-black metal handles are an ideal choice as these can work with just about any color cabinet you have. 

Another growing trend which will be right at home here in the desert is the use of hand-crafted, tooled leather handles and pulls. These bring another natural element to your kitchen and a sense of the Southwest style home without being cliché. 

Using natural materials throughout your kitchen will also enhance the feeling of being one with your surroundings. One growing trend in kitchen design is to use raw materials such as stone, around key architectural features such as window sills, backsplashes and kitchen islands. 

For our desert style, sandstone, Arizona flagstone and terra cotta are excellent choices. For kitchens with a fireplace included, an island or a buffet counter, accenting these spaces with such natural materials will set these features apart with style while retaining a sense of cultivated warmth and hominess.

Whichever way you choose to incorporate natural materials into your Fountain Hills Kitchen, bringing in a variety of textures through design elements will enhance the connection to the beautiful desert scenery outside your door, while providing an in-depth experience to the space both visually and through touch. The more inviting your kitchen is, the more time you’ll want to spend there, whether it’s to enjoy a meal, take your morning coffee break or to cook with friends. Such a kitchen is what makes a house a home. 

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